About Me

You probably already know by now, my name's Alexis and this is my blog.
First off a little bit about me personally, I'm 17 years old and I recently graduated high school. I was homeschooled most of my life (elementary school being the exception) and yes, I did like it for the most part. I have 5 siblings, all younger than me, 4 much younger. My sister, Haley who is closest in age to me is my best friend, and I don't know what I'd do without her or any of my other siblings. I love Jesus and everyday I struggle to be more like Him. I have an extremely supportive family who pushes me to go after my dreams; one of which is to go to Cosmetology school soon (next year, hopefully! *crosses fingers*). Other than my love for beauty I'm a huge music junkie, I consider it to be a huge part of my life and I love finding new artists and music. Some of my current favorite artists are Milo Greene, MS MR, Florence + the Machine, Bon Iver, Lana Del Rey, The xx, Daughter, Walk the Moon, and Arctic Monkeys.

Now a little bit about my beauty addiction and blog...

I don't even know where to start, I guess my love of beauty was always sort of present. Like a lot of girls I went through a tomboy phase but soon discovered my love for makeup. I suppose I'd say I was self taught when I first started wearing makeup (which meant there was lots of room for improvement, especially at first haha) because my mom didn't really wear makeup. I was never really into eyeshadow, I played around with it but I didn't have the greatest makeup collection so I didn't find myself using it as much until about a year or less ago when I started introducing makeup looks on my blog. Once I discovered all these different eyeshadow techniques, amazing & colorful pigments, and new-to-me brands I found myself immersed in the beauty world with no intention of looking back. As some of my older followers might remember, my blog was basically a nails only blog for a very long time. Nails were just easier for me, I had worked hard to figure out the best lighting when it came to nail swatching (for me) and finally discovered which settings worked best on my camera. I think focusing on nails first was better in a way. Once I finally started experimenting with makeup I had an idea of what might work for photographing makeup when considering lighting and things. Let me just say, makeup is realllyyy hard to photograph and get right and I'm still struggling with it so a round of applause to those of you who have mastered it!  Getting back on track, posting more and more makeup looks led to more opportunities like The Darling Girls program and chances to review new makeup products. Even now I'm still learning and growing in my creativity. It's so much fun to see the progress I've made or just the different levels of creativity I've developed.