Friday, August 16, 2013

I Love Nail Polish Ultra Chromes // Nails

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Heyyyy guys! The other week I swatched the Ultra Chromes from I Love Nail Polish and was blown away by how amazing they are! Barbra really knows how to make some absolutely incredible polishes. Unfortunaley I wasn't able to capture all the colors but have no fear they are very present in person! Check out Chrissyai's swatches (when they're up) and video... they're really really good!

Each swatch is shown with 2 coats on it's own. That's right, no need to layer these over black to get the ultra chrome effect!! The pictures were taken in sunlight (black backgrounds) and the photos with the white background were taken underwater.

This is SUUUUUUUPER picture heavy so click "read more" to see the rest!

Birefringence is a bright greenish blue (almost teal) based ultra chrome that shifts to purple, a pinky shade, orange, a bright goldy/yellow, and green. Gahhhh, this is my favorite for obvious reasons.. look at that shift! So. Many. Colors!!!

Cyngus Loop, a bright indigo/violet based ultra chrome that shifts to a bright purple, orangey/gold, yellow, and green. This is my second favorite, this one and Birefringence for sure have the strongest color changing effect.. just stunning!

Mutagen is a bright green based ultra chrome that shifts to this amazing red/silvery shade (that I cannot describe nor capture, my camera kept picking it up as a really light green >:I ) to a darker forest green, to teal, to blue, and then to purple. SOOOOO cool looking, I didn't think I'd like this shade as much as I did! If you have a hard time seeing the shift in the gif above, focus on the bottle.. that's how it looks in the nail in person but better!

My Little Glacier is a steely blue based ultra chrome that changes to turquoise, bright blue, green, purple, and gold/yellow. I was so frustrated I couldn't capture the color shift in this in the sunlight pics! Although the color shift is a little less intense in this particular shade, it still extremely noticeable and oh so pretty!

Overall, I can't recommend these amazing polishes enough. That's really all I have to say.. formulas are wonderful, colors are beyond words... you need to get these or at least one or two of them!

Although they're not being sold yet, you can purchase these incredible ultra chromes and other fantastic colors from I Love Nail Polish on their website.  Their polishes are 3 - Free and they often have awesome sales* so be sure to follow them on the following to stay up to date!

*In fact, I Love Nail Polish is hosting a giveaway to win a set of these Ultra Chromes before they go on sale, enter HERE.

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