Sunday, September 30, 2012

BOTM - October 2012

Hey guys, it's that time, time to announce who the Blogger of the Month is for October (excuse the Christmas sweater)!

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I love doing these posts so much because I get to show you guys some amazing blogs that you might not have known about before. Plus, many of the blogs I show don't get nearly as much recognition as they deserve, especially this month's blogger!

So, time for the reveal.... this month's Blogger of the Month is.... Lacquer Lad! Yes, that's right Lacquer Lad is a boy, who posts about nail polish, and he's awesome.

 Look at those gorgeous nails! I'm actually a little bit jealous of his perfect nails. Okay, so who is Lacquer Lad? Well we already established he is awesome and has fantastic nails so let's talk about his blog a little bit. Fitzy does a lot of swatching (which I love, his pictures are perfeccctionnn!) but he also does some nail art too *flashback to our galaxy twin post* ! He's really descriptive when talking about the polishes he swatches which is great because you're getting all the information about the polish instead of just "I like it" or "I don't like it". Also his swatches are SO CLEAN! Omg it's actually ridiculous, he has the most perfect curved gap between his cuticles and polish! I must learn your ways, Fitzy.

Other than his fantastic blog he's just an all around great person. I've gotten the chance to talk to him and get to know him better and he's so sweet! It's always awesome to meet another person who shares the same crazy addiction passion that you do! For example, how awesome is it that he did that mani (pictured above) just for this Blogger of the Month feature?!? So cool!

If you aren't already convinced you need to be following him right this minute, you are wrong haha, and you need to go stalk some of his past posts right this minute so you can fall in love with his blog like I did! I seriously can't believe he doesn't have thousands of followers already because he has an amazing blog! Please be sure to either click the image above or click the link below to check out his blog!

And, if you didn't get a chance to see last month's BotM (shame, shame) click the picture below to be redirected to that post!

 If you want the chance to be featured as Blogger of the Month on my blog, go HERE to see the instructions on how!

Mini Manis 2nd Edition - Lucie

Hi everybody, hope you're having a good weekend! Today is the second edition (cutting it close!) of my fairly new monthly feature, Mini Manis! Last month you saw Emma's mani and today you get to see Lucie's.

Bio: fave ice cream - her nails (haha!), fave color - red, also she said something about the zoo being in her pocket... as you can see I didn't get much out of her :P

She really liked these nails and we kept saying how her fingers looked like ice cream.

I asked her what she thought about it and she just kept saying, "This Lucie's polish!". Haha, she's too cute.

 Lucie is wearing 2 coats of F4 Polish - Mint Chocolate Chip. For a second I actually thought I could do some nail art until I came to my senses and realized I was painting a 2 year old's nails. I love how the mini bottles fit perfectly in her cute tiny hands!

Haha bonus picture! I love this one!

These are seriously some of my favorite posts, it's just actually getting pictures of my little sister's nails that's the hard part! I hope you guys like these posts as much as I do... I know my sisters love doing it and knowing that their nails are on my blog for you all to see!

PS - Stay tuned for the reveal of October's Blogger of the Month post later tonight!

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ooh La Lacquer - Dangerously Matte Collection (Review)

Hi guys! Today I have a huge post for you! This is the Dangerously In Matte collection from OhhLaLacquer. This collection is filled with matte, dense, neon glitters that look gorgeous layered, and on their own. I debated splitting this post into two parts since there's 8 polishes but I thought it would be best to showcase them all in one post.

*A note about application and formula - All pictures (1st picture for each polish) of each polish layered is 2 coats over the base color without top coat. All pictures (2nd picture for each polish) of each polish on their own is 3 coats alone with top coat. 

Because application was very consistent for every polish I'll tell you about it here instead of in each polish description. All of the polishes applied very nicely. Formula was very good, not too thick and it definitely didn't clump up like some dense glitters do. I did find that using the dabbing method just in a few spots did help with overall opacity.*

HollaMATTE Girl (cute name!) is an intersting color combination that I wasn't sold on at first... but then when I put it on I really liked it!  This polish has a mix of matte purple, yellow, and neon blue hexagon glitters in a clear base. The 1st picture shows it layered over LVX - Avireo and Sally Hansen - Pacific Blue; 2nd picture shows it along. I think this is a really unique blend of colors and I'm loving it layered over Avireo and Pacific Blue!

Mattes Like Jagger is one of my favorites! Filled with matte neon yellow (totally though it was green ha) and purple glitter in a clear base. The 1st picture shows it layered over Pomegranate Lacquer - Lust in the Library, and Manglaze - Nawesome Sauce; 2nd picture shows it alone.

I'm a Matte 4 U is soooo pretty, I just love this combination of glitter together. A blend of matte pink and neon blue hexagon glitters in a clear base. 1st picture shows this layered over Rimmel London - Wild Night (SUCH a stunning color, google swatches!) and Pomegranate Lacquer - Blue Screen of Death; 2nd pictures shows it alone. I personally like this better over the dark purple because it shows off both glitter colors. The picture of this one alone is the only one I forgot to put top coat on! :(

Mattes In Paris consists of matte red, pink, and neon yellow hexagon glitters in a clear base. This one I'm not completely sold on. Formula was great and really consistent with all the rest but I don't love the color combination of these glitters. Maybe I just have to layer it over something else. The 1st picture shows it layered over Maybelline Color Show - Paint The Town and a franken; 2nd picture shows it alone.

I Kissed a Matte is another favorite of min! I am so in love with this blend of glitter colors. This has matte pink, red, and purple hexagon glitters in a clear base. The 1st picture shows it layered over a lilac franken and OPI - Just a Little Rosti at This (stunning color for fall!); 2nd picture shows it alone. Really girly but I love that the colors in here are dark too. I thought this looked like one of the coolest ones alone.

Matte-lifornia Love has the color scheme (although a little different) of a lot of the dense glitters we've been seeing lately like Floam. The ratio of glitters is always different but it's a similar idea. This consists of matte yellow and neon blue hexagon glitters in a clear base. The 1st picture shows this layered over NYC - Water Street Blue and LVX - Primrose; 2nd pictures shows it alone.

Matte-terial Girl is a really pretty delicate shade. This one reminds me so much of seashells on the beach for some reason, especially over the coral color. This one has a blend of matte pink and green hexagon glitters in a clear base. The 1st picture shows it layered over LVX - Ecru and Ulta - Peach Parfait; 2nd picture shows it alone (eww VNL).

Matte Romance is sort of the standout in the collection because it consists of flakes instead of micro glitter. Nevertheless, it's still matte! This polish has matte yellow and hot pink shreds in a clear base. Not too much to say about this one, I didn't love this color combo either. I think it's the yellow and red/hot pink combo I'm not a fan of. The 1st picture shows this layered over LVX - Vermillion and Nail the B.Y.T.C.H. - Not Ya Honey! Honey!; 2nd pictures shows it alone.

And taking a note from Chalkboard Nails, here's the macros for each color below. Feel free to enlarge the pictures to see the colors a little better! Sorry they're not the clearest. 

 Overall, I am really liking these polishes! I think Ooh La Lacquer has a really great selection of colors and I think that there's something for everyone (as long as you're a fan of dense glitters!). Great and consistent formula, awesome owner, sweet color selection, and NEON MATTE GLITTERS. That's almost way too much win for brand. 

You can purchase Ooh La Lacquer polishes on Etsy. The polishes retail for $8.50 15ml bottles. Be sure to "like" her her page to stay up to date on new collections and reviews! All of her polishes are handmade with lacquer bases, cosmetic grade glitter, and micas. They are "BIG 3 FREE" - they DO NOT contain Formaldehyde, Toluene, or Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP).

and for easy pinning...

So, how do you feel about Ooh La Lacquer? Are you a fan of dense glitters? Do you need any of these polishes?

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Pomegranate Lacquer - Lust in the Library and Midnight Satellite

Hi guys! Today I have a review of 2 polishes from Pomegranate Lacquer's new fall collection! This collection is full of gorgeous colors so picking two was difficult! Pomegranate Lacquer polishes are stunning so I was super excited to try out some more! Let's see what I thought about the two I received...

Lust in the Library is a gorgeous eggplant creme that applies really easily. The first coat is a bit streaky but once you apply the second coat you get a nice creamy and glossy finish. I love this color for fall, it really is a true eggplant shade (not too red and not too blue toned) and it gets a bit darker than in the bottle with 2 coats. I originally thought this one was a dupe for Sally Hansen Professional - Troublemaker but I later realized LitL is darker. Let me know if you want a comparison post of the two!

Midnight Satellite is a really complex and unique color. It has a green leaning teal base with tiny silver glitter and then this intense blue shimmer that adds so much visual interest to it, especially in the sun. The color description for this one says it "...recalls a crisp, cool, starry autumn night." and I totally get that from the blue shimmer and sliver glitter. Granted, the night sky is probably not as green ;) I only needed 2 coats to reach opacity although another time I wore it I liked it better at 3 coats so I think it's just preference.
Overall, I really loved these two polishes! They both are very fall to me although Lust in the Library is more your typical fall staple shade than Midnight Satellite. I am definitely a Pomegranate Lacquer fan, they're polishes never disappoint! If I had to recommend just 1, I'd say Midnight Satellite because I'm such a sucker for teals and it's a really unique color.

Pomegranate Lacquer polishes retail for $9.00 (16.5 ml... for reference a little more than an OPI) and you can purchase them on their website. Be sure to "like" their facebook page and follow them on twitter to stay up to date on reviews and new collections! They're also all 4-free, cruelty free, and made in the US!

PS... their having a sale on some summer colors (since it's fall) so they're now only $4.50! Go snatch some up!

What do you think of these Pomegranate Lacquer shades? Would you buy either of these? Do you own any PL polishes?

Another PS... what do you guys think of my new signature? :D I just made it and I really like it!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pretty Me Polish Review

Hi guys! I have a review for you today. You've been seeing a ton of indie polishes on here but don't expect it to stop :) I have some more swatches already edited that I need to post and I think you'll love them! But, for today's post I have 4 gorgeous polishes from Polish Me Pretty!

Daddy Did it (such a cute name!) is a pretty glitter top coat with different sizes and colors of glitter. This is 1 coat over Pomegranate Lacquer - Lust in the Library (which you will see a review of soon). Pretty and fun!

This is one I really liked. This is called Bubbly Gum and it definitely reminds me of those huge bubble gum balls in the gumball machine. A pink jelly with different colors and sizes of matte glitter. This applied really nicely and I only needed 3 coats to achieve the level of opacity you see. This is just like a glitter sandwich all in one bottle!

This one is also a favorite although they pretty much all are! :) This is Starry Nite, a black holo that is opaque in just 2 coats. This one doesn't have as strong a holo effect as some other linear holos but I suspect that's because if more holo powder was added it would've greyed or made the black base cloudy. I actually really liked the subtle-ty of this compared to other holos. This picture was taken with flash because I couldn't get a good sun picture :(

This one was definitely my favorite, I am a die hard blue fan as well as a holo fan so together they make a stunning combination! This is Royal You, a jelly based blue linear holo which takes 3 coats to reach opacity. Because it has that jelly finish (which I don't usually see in linear holos!) it applied really easily and without streaks. I think if you had nubs with free edge you could definitely get away with just 2 coats of this.
Overall, I am really liking these colors! I like that Jeanneatte sort of has a signature selection which is holos and glitters with lots of jelly finishes. My picks from the four I reviewed would be Royal You and Bubbly Gum... I so badly want to include Starry Nite though too :P

 Her polishes retail for $8-$10 which can be purchased on the Pretty Me Polish etsy shop. You can also visit her facebook page to stay up to date on restock and reviews.

What did you guys think of these polishes? Are there any you have to have?

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

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