Friday, August 31, 2012

BOTM - September 2012

Hi guys! Are you excited to find out who September's Blogger of the Month is? I AM EXCITED TO TELL YOU! Can you tell??????

So, this is a blogger who I just recently discovered and I have this weird thing where whenever I go to someone's blog for the first time I just know I want to feature them. Obviously I don't mean every new blog I go to, it's only a few. Creepy, right? I have a sixth sense and it's BOTM tracking (hahahahahahaha bottom tracking...). Anyway, when I went to this lovely lady's blog I instantly new she had to be my next BOTM! Her pictures are so fab and I love that she constantly features indie brands and polishes; she also creates the prettiest color combos with her polishes! And duh, she has pretty nails!

Without further ado, ThePolishHoochie!

This is Naild'it - Vegas Sands

Isn't that a gorgeousssssss picture?! I KNOW! So, basically you must go check out her blog right this minute. Either click on the picture in this post, on the picture in my right sidebar, or on this link below!

Alsoooo, I am looking for other bloggers to feature (not just nail blogs! All beauty blogs are welcome.) so please fill out the form for a chance to see your blog featured!

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

The 31 Day Challenge (aka - I think I'm insane...)

Guys, it's true, I am insane. I basically just signed myself up for the 31 Day Challenge for the month of September. First of all, that is going to be intense, 31 days straight of nail art! And we all know I failed the summer challenge and that was every other day... So, let's make it crazier, I also signed up for the Gilrly Girl Nail Art Challenge. WHAT AM I DOING?!

So as I'm slowly going gray, I'll also being attempting nail art for two challenges and  keeeping up with my regular posts (reviews, swatches, etc..). All I'm going to say is, this is going to be a crazy month.

If any of you want to signup for The 31 Day Challenge there's an image you can take below or some other pretty ones designed by Sarah (chalkboard nails).

And here's the schedule for the other challenge I'm doing, seriously thank goodness it's only once a week!

Are you guys taking part in either of these challenges? I'm so scared haha

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

Lots of Dots

Hellooo, bare with me on the title and the rest of this post, I was sleeping then woke up and decided to write something up! :) I did nails that looked almost identical to these a few months back but never got pictures and the other day I remembered this mani and how much I loved it that I decided to do it again.

I'm wearing a pretty periwinkle franken with subtle silver shimmer as my base color with Pomegranate Lacquer - Blue Screen Of Death (blue), Wet n' Wild - French White Cream (you guessed it, white), and OPI - Just a Little Rosti at This (berry shade).

 It's really simple as you can probably tell, all you need is a dotting tool and a few polishes...
Apply your base color then using a dotting tool or bobby pin take your bottom color (on that'll be closest to your cuticles) and create a dot in the middle of each nail with enough room on top to make another dot. It sounds way more complicated than it actually is. Then I just create the other two dots a little farther down and at an angle. I did the same thing with white and then with blue just two on each side instead of 2 like the other rows. I hope that made sense!

Do you like this design? I like that it's interesting but still so incredibly easy! What do you think would be a good color combo for this?

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Starrily Review

Hellloooo folks! Today I have a review of a polish from Starrily for you! Just a little bit about the brand... So when Starrily contacted me I visited her shop and she didn't have many polishes and no sales at all and I was not overly thrilled about the polishes she did have. This sounds extremely rude but I'm only mentioning it because she's made such a drastic improvement to her shop in such a short amount of time it's really impressive! Her photos are stunning, she has an amazing selection and her packaging is so thought out and personalized! Basically, she really worked hard to make her shop what it is right now and I thought it was worth talking about! Now, onto the polish...

The polish I received to review is Honey Comb. It's a yellow jelly with gold and black glitters in varying sizes. I layered 2 coats of this over Nail The B.Y.T.C.H. - Not Ya Honey! Honey!. This applied very easily and evenly, I only had to use the dabbing method to place glitter on one finger. I also really like that it's a jelly because they apply very effortlessly. It seriously reminds me of honey combs!

Overall, pretty color, great formula, and great brand in my opinion!

Would I recommend it/Would I buy it?  Yes, and yes! I'd for sure recommend it, especially for yellow lovers! This definitely my favorite polish from her shop but I do really like it :)

Where is it sold? You can buy Starrily polishes on her etsy shop. They retail for $8.50 ($4.75 for minis).

Additional information: Starrily unfortunately doesn't ship internationally at this time (excluding Canada). Her polishes are 3 free and she uses a high quality suspension base for her polishes. Like the Starrily facebook page to stay up to date on her shop!

What do you think about this polish, yay or nay? Check out her polish and let me know which one is your favorite, I'd love to know!

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

*Product(s) provided for my honest review*

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pomegranate Lacquer Review

Hi guys! Whoo has it been a crazy week for me! Have you had a hectic week too?

Anyway, today I have 3 gorgeous polishes from a fairly new to me brand- Pomegranate Lacquer! FYI, they also just redid their website and I think it looks really great, yet another reason to go check out their site and make your wallets cry! Also, aren't their bottles so pretty? Their shape is a little more interesting than the average square or cylinder bottle but still uniform (is that the word I'm looking for?) enough to store easily. I also really like their logos, so cute! Here's some bottle shots I took...

First up, here's Dreamscape. On Pomegranate Lacquer's website, they have a whole page devoted to blogger's swatches of their shades (which I think is awesome by the way!), I strangely saw that Dreamscape hadn't been reviewed once! That's what made me want to try it (plus I've been on a nude/sheer-ish kick). The pictures show 3 coats and top coat. Formula was a bit streakier than I would've liked but the third coat evened things out a bit. 

Next I have Blue Screen of Death which is for sure my favorite! It's definitely no secret blue and I are for sure in love so it wasn't really a surprise to me that I love this color. I am wearing 2 coats and there's still just a bit of VNL. This color is so pretty, it's not just your average blue jelly, it has this gorgeous teal shimmer flake hybrid in it that adds so much dimension and visual interest.

Last I have Cyberspace. This is a really unique colored holo, it's soooooo pretty! It's not the holoyest holo you've ever seen but it does have enough that you definitely notice it in the sun. The first picture is a little blurry to show the rainbow effect. This is 3 easy coats. I believe there is also top coat on this as well, it dulled the holo effect just the tiniest bit, almost unnoticeable. Also, holo is more evident in the real sun :)

Overall, I think Pomegranate Lacquer has really quality polishes in beautiful and interesting shades. They also have a wide range of colors on their website!

Would I buy them? Yes, I would. If I had one of the OPI ballet collection jellies I probably wouldn't buy Dreamscape only because I heard the OPIs had amazing non-streaky (at all!) formulas.

Where are they sold? You can buy Pomegranate Lacquers on their website. Their polishes retail for $9.00

Additional information: Pomegranate Lacquers are made in the USA, 4-free, and cruelty free. Also, their bottles are an unusual 16.5ml big rather than the usual 15ml. I also really, really like how environmentally aware Tina is. She even has a tab about recycling polish because it is considered household hazardous waste. Tina is also incredibly sweet and I can tell from emailing her she cares so incredibly much about the quality of her products and her customers satisfaction.

So, how do you feel about these polishes and Pomegranate Lacquer overall? Do you have a favorite?

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

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Monday, August 27, 2012

My Week (13)...

Hey! I know I'm a day late with this but I was finishing up a school course I was taking and it was just really stressful because I was crunched for time and all that fun stuff. Anyway, I debated even posting this since I strangely only posted 2 pictures to instagram last week! Here they are anyway :) I didn't even bother watermarking these because I'm so lazy, it's 1:30 am as I'm writing this and I just finished a project type thing for school, in other words, I'm exhausted.

1. Tagged by Ivana (from ivanathinkspink) #whatimdoing I stole one of my little sister's popsicles ;)
2. This is actually what I'm wearing on my nails right now, it's ChG hange-ten toes with two coats of Dreamy by Darling Diva Polish on top which I'll for sure be posting soon because it's amazing.

Do anything fun this weekend? Sorry for the lame post today! :(

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Glitter Removal Made Easy-er (The Foil Method)

Hi guys! I'm sure every single one of you have made the mistake of wearing glitter, "Ohhh, it's so pretty and sparkly!" it taunts us with it's gorgeousness. We give into the temptation and apply that glitter polish, admiring it from all angles, maybe even take a few hundred pictures. It's all happy and fun until... DUNDUNDUN ... removal. Ahhh the dreaded glitter removal, we've all been there. I think it's somewhat like being pregnant then giving birth but backwards. When you're pregnant it's not always super duper fun but as soon as you have the baby, that little child is so amazing and beautiful you forget all about the pain. Not the case with glitter polish. Instead, you oooohhh and awweeeee at the polish and it's amazing beauty but once you have to remove it, you start screaming obscenities and basically it's all down hill from there, no way you forget about that pain, pain in the tush removal that is. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I'm about to show you how to do something most of us have either heard, seen, or maybe even do already; the foil method! Since I just rambled on there up above, let's get to the video!

See? Super easy! Only downside to this is waiting for about five minutes with the foil on your fingers!

I do want to mention quickly something fairly new called a peel off basecoat. Basically it's a basecoat ( I know for sure essence sells it, not sure what other brands) you apply to your nails that takes 10 minutes to dry and after that you can just put on your preferred polish. Supposedly when you want to remove it you can just peel it off by first scraping at the edge with an orangestick or something to loosen it up. Anyhow, I was really interested in it but I found out a few things about it from some lovely ladies and basically you can make it at home! I'm thinking I'll do a little DIY video or post of me showing you how to make it and then how it actually works, what do you think? UNTIL THEN.... the foil method it is!

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

Friday, August 24, 2012

Darling Diva Polish - Review Part 2

Time for part dos of the Darling Diva Polish review! Today I have a glitter topper, duochrome topper, and a Max Factor - Fantasy Fire dupe!

Here is Soft Kitty, is a mix of matte pastel glitters and gorgeous iridescent glitters in a pale purple base with iridescent shimmer. I love how delicate this looks. 1 coat over a lilac-y purple creme. Applies so easy, no glitter placement needed. The pictures don't do this color justice, I think I'll have to re-swatch at some point!

Make Out With Me is a gorgeous purple, pink, and even a little green, shifting duochrome with tiny pink holo glitter. I coudn't capture the shift in this color if my life depended on it, and believe me I tried! First two pictures, 1 coat over Sally Hansen - Pacific Blue, last two pictures are 1 coat over LVX - Livid (black creme). I thought it would look cool over PB but it looks so much better over black! This reminds me of Katy Perry a lot! It's very extraterrestrial-esque haha.

Ringer is a navy-ish purple (blurple!) jelly base with intense copper, red, and green shifting shimmer. Again, I couldn't capture the intense shimmer and color change in this and I have no idea why! I saw so many people layer this over Revlon - Royal which was gorgeous but I wanted to do something different so I layered it over LVX - Vermillion (bright tangerine red jelly). The pictures show 2 coats. This combo reminds me a lot of Christmas and Ringer definitely makes Vermillion look like it's glowing. Last two pictures are 1 coat over Revlon - Royal. Such a gorgeous combo!
Overall, I here declare my love for Darling Diva Polish, again. My favorites are Ringer and Make out With Me (you have no idea how many times I've had to say that regarding these two polishes since I got them) although Soft Kitty is so pretty too!

Would I buy them? Yes! Even Soft Kitty :D It's such a versatile polish I want to see what it looks like over a dark blue!

Where are they sold? You can buy Darling Diva Polish through Carrie's etsy shop. Her polishes range in price from $8.00 - $12.00 (the pricier usually being linear holos).

Additional Information: I have personally talked to Carrie so I can vouch that she is incredibly sweet, honestly cares about the quality of her products and her customer's happiness, and has amazing customer service. Also, her holos are freaking amazing, buy them all. I'm almost positive DDP ships internationally but don't quote me on that.

Which polish is your favorite? Are you going to buy MF - FF's dupe Ringer? I know most people who can't get MF - FF love Ringer because it's duh, a dupe haha :)

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

*Product(s) in this post provided for my honest review*

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Darling Diva Polish - Review Part 1

Hi pretty ladies and lads! Today I have another polish review for you! WHOOO! This is I believe my third review of this brand, Darling Diva Polish. The lady behind the name, Carrie, is super fabulous and we totally hit it off via etsy conversations haha! Anyway, she really is fantastic and makes some of the most gorgeous etsy polishes ever so it's always entirely too fun to review her polishes! I've had these a long time but haven't gotten the chance to post them yet! Also...since there are two holos involved in this post and as you know they are my true love, I'm splitting the review up into two parts! Today I have two holos and a glitter topcoat, tomorrow I have a glitter topcoat and two newer topcoats (no glitter!).

First is, Barbi Who A FREAKING GORGEOUS bright pink/magenta linear holo that's seriously just magical in the sun. This holo was so crazy pigmented I almost only needed one coat however I added another just to even everything out (2 coats, 1 coat TC). I do want to mention that the formula on this is a little thicker than her other holos although I think the formula is super easy to work with so no complaining there. Another thing, it applies perfectly but dries just a little strange... it has a kind of semi-matte thing going on when it dries and it's not completely self-leveling which is strange because when you're applying it, it looks perfectly level but when it's dry it's...not. I don't think it's that big a deal, I'd for sure buy it even with the minor application problem, but it's your call obviously :) First picture is under my daylight lamp, the rest in the sun.
Daylight lamp... this definitely didn't capture it in all it's holo-y glory.

Next we have the stunning, Stripper Pole. Yes, I do love the name; it's so silly! I love that Carrie has a sense of humor and doesn't just name her polishes things like, "Gold Holo" haha, how boring would that be?? Anyway, this one is such a complete winner for me! I have never seen anyone put large glitter like this in a linear holo polish. It's a very unique concept and I think the result is just gorgeous! This is  2 coats and as you can see there is no VNL (I do have free edge at this length!). I love this one so much, it kind of reminds me of Egyptian pyramids and Cleopatra!

This glitter topcoat is called Pendragon and it is a pretty mixture of green, gold, copper, brown, and black glitters as well as a ton of gold holo powder (which you couldn't see very easily in the swatches since I layered it over a gold holo :P). This is not normally one I'd go for but it is pretty. This is 1 coat layered over Stripper Pole.This for sure reminds me of dragon scales! By the way, don't be alarmed I think my hand was just red from nail polish stained cotton balls :)

Overall, I think I always love the polishes Carrie sends me, she really does have a talent from polish making! Stripper Pole and Barbi Who are both fighting for my love but I don't have it in my heart to pick a favorite; they're both soooooo completely stunning!

Would I buy them? For sure, the only one I wouldn't buy is Pendragon, just not my style.

Where are they sold? You can buy Darling Diva Polish through Carrie's etsy shop. Her polishes range in price from $8.00 - $12.00 (the pricier usually being linear holos).

Additional Information: I have personally talked to Carrie so I can vouch that she is incredibly sweet, honestly cares about the quality of her products and her customer's happiness, and has amazing customer service. Also, her holos are freaking amazing, buy them all.

Don't forgot to check out part 2 tomorrow!

Which polish is your favorite? Do you like Pendragon or are you like me and would rather be wearing a gorgeous holo?

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

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Some Blog Changes

Hi guys! Notice anything different? ;) You better have! Haha if you don't well, I'm about to go over the differences now :)

So, the easiest change to spot would probably be the layout; I changed my layout from the posts being in the middle and my sidebars on both the left and right side to my blog posts on the left side now and my sidebar just on the right. This allowed me to de-clutter just a bit and gave it a little more of a uniform look in my opinion.

Okay another pretty big change since it'll affect the way you navigate on my blog, the tabs! I've been wanting somehow to get two navigation bars or tabs like many wordpress websites or private domains have. I thought it wasn't possible on blogger but someone told me editing the html or css could add that in. I am hopeless with coding but I searched google for a tutorial anyway to no avail. Instead I found a tutorial on an awesome blog to create custom tabs and that's what I did! It took a while plus some trial and error since I'm pretty stupid when it comes to computer stuff but I got it! :D I really like this a lot better than regular old tabs and I also am extremely happy I was able to add two tabs now! As you can see there is a tab above my banner or header with some links and a tab on the right sidebar with some more links. I just want to tell you in case it isn't super obvious that each word (ex. Hair) brings you to a different page so you should click on them!

Some other small things, like font, and sidebar changes were made but nothing too major. I think everything is still pretty easy to find but if not let me know! :D

I'm dumb and keep comparing my blog to other blogs but I need to get over that because I'm not a graphic wizard and I am happier with my blog now :) What do you guys think? Easier, prettier, something more I should add? I'd love to know!

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Trelly Polish - Clown Car Exhaust and Your Sugar Highness

Hi eveybody! Today I have two pretty awesome glitter polishes to show you from Trelly Polish. The two polishes I was most excited to try were Clown Car Exhaust and Your Sugar Highness; oddly enough I picked a neon/bright glitter and a pastel glitter! Here they are...

First up I'll show you Your Sugar Highness. This one is a gorgeous mix of glitters along in medium and small hex and square sizes. There's also some white bar glitter which I usually despise but strangely love with this polish! This is one coat over LVX - Callais and one coat of topcoat. I really loved this color combination, it made it look extra sweet! This polish was a bit on the thick side.

And the second and last one is Clown Car Exhaust. I think this polish is just awesome in both name and appearance. As you can see, Cassie added large black circle glitter to represent tire which I think is absolutely adorable as well as extremely clever! There's a ton of different colored glitter here in a few different shapes and sizes, there's also some bar glitter which I actually like in this polish...again! I first layered 1 coat of this over LVX - Primrose but I didn't love it so I decided to go bright, keeping with the theme of the polish, and instead layered this over my beloved neon Orly - Passion Fruit. The photos make is look much more orange than it is but you get the idea, plus you can see how bright it is! I LOVED this combination sooooo much! Only complaint is that this was a tad thick, which isn't much of a complaint at all.

Overall, I think Trelly Polish is a great brand with clever and gorgeous polish. I'd for sure buy from Cassie, no doubt! I think it's really hard to add so many different glitters and elements to a polish sometimes because it gets overwhelming and sometimes just not pretty anymore but Cassie has mastered that with her brand. Also, for just recently opening up shop, her shop is extremely impressive! I adore her logo and we've obviously already decided her polishes fantastic. I have nothing bad to say except for the fact that her polishes are a tad on thick, then again that's nothing a little thinner couldn't fix!

Would I buy them? Yes! I love both of the polishes I received so much and I'd definitely buy them with my own money!

Where are they sold? You can buy Trelly Polish their Cassie's etsy shop. Her polishes are $9.00 for 15ml. She also sells minis of alllllllllll her polishes!

Additional Information: Cassie understands not everyone loves bar glitter so she asks that if you do not want it in your polish let her know :) Well, that's awesome because that means even if you shudder at the sight of bar glitter just ask Cassie to remove it from the specific polish you want and you can still enjoy her polishes as much as the next gal! Also, I do want to note that Trelly Polish currently is only shipping to the US and Canada. I know that's sad news for some of you lovely international ladies but hopefully Cassie will be selling worldwide in the future, who knows! Visit Cassie's blog to stay up to date on swatches and new polishes as well! :D

What do you all think of these two polishes? Do you like Your Sugar Highness or Clown Car Exhaust better?

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

*Product(s) in this post provided for my honest review*