Tuesday, July 31, 2012

BOTM - August 2012

Hi guys! Today I have my second ever Blogger of the Month post up! Yesssssss, DRUMROLLLLLLLLL EVERYONE!

Today's BOTM (not bottom shortened, Kaki!) is Winnie from The Rawr Shop! For those of you who don't know about her and her fantastic, awesome, amazing blog, I'm about to tell you a little bit about it! Right.............now!

So I originally stumbled onto Winnie's blog through the also lovely, Eileen who posted a tweet linking to one of Winnie's blog posts. I was so blown away by her kicka** (I just resisted the urge to write tush instead. You're welcome.) nail art and sick talons (the good kinda sick of course) that I instantly knew who my second BOTM was going to be. WINNIE YOU'VE WON OVER MY HEART. As you can see from looking at my left sidebar, Winnie can do some freaking amazing nail art. In fact, I picked that image for her BOTM feature (lol Kaki, it's all your fault) because that was the first post I saw from her and duh, it's incredible.

Winnie mostly features her, as I've said, kicka** nail art on her blog but she also does other lovely ladies (& lads? No judgement here) nails! I swear, if I lived close to her I'd have her do my nails alllll the time. She's also incredibly sweet and funny! I have fallen in love with her writing style, it's really personal but so freaking hillarious. I also love her gifs, (by the way, what is up with me having all these gif-lovin friends? Roisin and Winnie, I'm looking at you two.) I'm stealing one right now because I swear it's the best thing ever.

I'm dying.

So, if you aren't already thinking Winnie and her blog are the best things to happen ever, I hope that gif will convince you to get on over to The Rawr Shop right this minute. Either click on the link below, Winnie's picture in this post, or the picture link in my left sidebar to get to her blog!



For those of you who missed last month's feature (shame, shame) click on the image below to be redirected to that post!

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

Saturday, July 28, 2012

LVX Press Release

Hi everyone! Please enjoy this press release from a new and promising nail polish brand, LVX.

Do you guys have any thoughts on this new brand and Summer 2012 collection?

I am really excited to try out this collection and show it to you all soon! I think it's very unique and interesting in the fact that LVX pulls their shades from fashion and runway trends. Right now one of the biggest fashion accessories is nail polish. I know for a fact many women don't follow with trends because they either don't care or they don't want to spend money on expensive new trends every season! LVX varnishes are a great way to add some trend to your everyday life for a pretty affordable price, especially compared to other trendy accessories most woman would spend their money on like handbags. I also really really love that they included black nail polish in their collection (pulling the color unexpected runways looks like those by Emilio Pucci), it's very unexpected.

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

Friday, July 27, 2012

Naild'it - Muddy Buddies Review

Heyyyyy everybody! In case you didn't know, IT'S FRIDAY, which practically means weekend, which pretty much means either party party or relax. Or, maybe a little of both? Anyway, today I have a pretty indie to show you from Naild'it! Onto the pictures, my friends!

I have one polish from the lovely etsy shop and that is Muddy Buddies; this polish is so stunning! At first I was like, oh a brown... then after seeing it in the bottle I liked it, but then I put it on, it's sooooo pretty! I could not, for the life of me, get a macro shot of the bottle. I suspect it's because the bottle is so round and the flash kept creating a glare. I may have to take one soon outside and see if that works because you need to see this up close! I used 1 coat of this layered over OPI - Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey (a tan-ish champagne frost). I had originally wanted to layer this over a dark brown (like Orly - Buried Alive) but I really don't have any browns! I settled for this color and ended up really liking the combination, they really compliment each other! As I said, this is 1 coat, do you see how dense the glitter is?!? This is definitely a color you could wear alone! In it is various sizes and colors of glitter such as coppers, golds, dark browns, black, silver, and sparser hex burgundy-ish glitters which I thought was interesting. This glitter is pretty textured so I'd double up on topcoat, I believe I'm wearing two coats and it wasn't completely smooth. I imagine two coats of Seche Vite would work!
Overall, I was completely surprised at how much I liked with this one, it is definitely one of my favorites! Formula was a bit thick but not too bad, glitter placement wasn't needed at all.

Would I buy it? YES! I would buy it in a heartbeat! Honestly from the pictures I may not have bought it, and even from my pictures I may have skipped it but believe me it is so incredibly gorgeous in person! 

Where is it sold? You can buy Naild'it polishes at the Naild'it Etsy shop. Her polishes are $8.50

Additional Information: Naild'it polishes are very unique in my opinion, Andrea mixes unlikely glitters to create a gorgeous end product that you would've never thought would work. She also sells feather jewelry and hair extensions in her shop although they aren't in stock at this moment. Also, she just recently came out with an Olympics collection. I currently have my eyes on Vegas Sands, Purple People Teaser, and Mermaid Tears (not from the Olympics Collection!) Her polishes are also 3-Free!

What do you think of Muddy Buddies? Would you buy it? Which is your favorite polish from Naild'it?

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

The products in this post were sent to me for my unbiased, honest review. For more information visit my Disclosure Policy.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Starry Earth - Cosmic Space Review

Hi everyone! Long time no post, eh? ;D Glad to be back and posting for you all!!!!!

Today I have a polish from Starry Earth called Cosmic Space. Elizabeth actually created this polish as a signature color for her shop! It's a gorgeous polish with a dark blue base, silver hex glitter, silver star glitter, and fine holo glitter. Below is two coats alone with two coats of topcoat (second picture) and under that picture is one coat over Revlon - Royal (pictures 3 and 4); I personally like it better over Royal.

Bonus picture, my little sister Sophie wearing it. She LOVED it!
Overall, I love the color of this. I probably don't have to keep mentioning this but I love me some blues, and this definitely is a beautiful blue. WARNING: this does stain terribly. Like really bad, my nails were stained light blue, however I didn't use a base coat for this mani. I'd advise either layering it like I did or double up on base coat! Also, it's a hungry glitter so top coat, top coat, top coat!

Would I buy it? Hmmmm, yeah. I always have room in my heart for a pretty blue. I did have to think about it only because of the intense stainage, other than that for sure I'd buy it.

Where is it sold? You can buy Cosmic Space and other Starry Earth polishes from Elizabeth's Etsy shop. Her polishes retail for $8.00.

Additional Information: Elizabeth's polishes are 3-free and the bottle size is 15 ml. You do have to place the glitters, I couldn't get any out when I layered it. I'd suggest placing them on the last coat, if not the coat after will bury it and it won't be visible. Again, this polish stains like crazy and the glitters need an extra coat of TC.

Even though Cosmic Space stains, would you buy it? Do you like it better alone or layered over Royal?

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

The product in this post was sent to me for my unbiased, honest review. For more information visit my Disclosure Policy.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Brown & Gold Smokey Eye Tutorial

Just for fun, who wants to see a makeup tutorial I made a long time ago?

Okay if I'm being honest here, I actually really like this makeup look, the only thing I would've done differently is blend up the brown better and a little higher.

Okay time to get real haha. I have braces. I know so many people have them so it's stupid to be self-conscious/embarrassed about them but I definitely am. I actually still have them, which is why I never show myself talking or doing intros of myself in my videos, they're just extremely embarrassing to me; especially because they make me feel so young, does that make sense? I feel like I'm being judged when people see them, they're just not pretty. But, if I'm going to share myself on here, I figured why not share all of me, even the things I don't like. I'm still contemplating whether or not I'll show my face now that you all know my little secret. I feel my videos are kind of impersonal when I just voice over my intro, do you guys think so? I think most of my caution towards posting myself talking also has something to do with my age. For those of you who've read my "about me" tab know how old I am and even telling you that was kind of hard. The reason is because (and even I do this) sometimes people judge you based on your age. Usually it's because you're young, and like I said, even I do this sometimes and I am ashamed of it because I hate when people do it to me. I don't say this to brag or anything and if it does come across that way, I'm sorry but I do not feel my age at all. I want to say I'm mature for my age but that sounds extremely egotistical so I'll refrain, simply put, I make friends with older people (older than me) much better than people my own age. I just do not like teenagers (no offense!), they're disrespectful and rude. Of course not all of them, by absolutely no means do I mean everyone, I'm just talking about some. Who knows, maybe I'm being ignorant but I thought I'd share with you all this self-conscious part of me; sometimes venting helps.

Well that got serious quick. So, what did you think of the video? haha :P

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

Saturday, July 21, 2012

China Glaze: Hang-Ten Toes

Hi everyone! I'm still not back for good :( They tried to fix whatever was wrong with the internet and it worked, for about 5 minutes. Now it's the weekend and they can't come so when Monday rolls around, hopefully my internet will be fixed!

I'm at the library right now and I'm going to try to schedule a few posts just in case but I'm in a hurry so onto the swatches!

Today I have the lovely Hang-Ten Toes released in the Summer Neons collection by China Glaze. I'm sure you've seen the collection, it's gorgeous! In fact, I want every single polish from the collection but that gets expensive haha :) Instead I decided to get this beauty since I've been loving pink and neons lately. Below is two coats, the formula was a bit thick but pretty easy to work with. It has a strong purple flash which I think pushes it from pretty to gorgeous. I wouldn't call it a neon but it is bright. I'm so happy I got this color, it's really the perfect summer color!
This picture was taken with flash in the dark, it shows the purple flash well and accurately shows how bright it is.

I bought this polish from the lovely shop Glisten and Glow, fb://faceweb/f?href=%2FGlistenandGlow%3Fid%3D118135411535125%26_rdr I got my package quick and it was wrapped extremely well! They have a gorgeous assortment of colors so I would definitely check them out if I were you!

What do you think of this color? Do you have any shades from the Summer Neon collection?

Sidenote - these pictures were taken with my lightbox and new lamp, getting better?

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I'm not back...yet!

Hi everyone! Sorry for my absence, I had pictures edited a ready to post about when I went to eat dinner and a storm knocked out our Internet! :( someone was supposed to come today but it didn't happen. I'm hoping it's fixed soon but until then I probably won't be able to post much. The only reason why I'm posting now it to let tou all know where I went and because there's no pictures in this post. I can't get the photos on my phone so I can't post any pictures! :( sorry everyone, I hate this just as much as you! Also sorry if there are spelling mistake I'm writing this in a hurry! - xoxo Alexis Leigh

Monday, July 16, 2012

Smitten Polish - Aquarius & Fire and Blood

Hi! Today I have another lovely indie brand to show you all today.

In other news, yesterday I was finally able to get a daylight lamp (to bump up the quality of my photos) and I definitely think it helped although for some reason these pictures didn't turn out amazing, some are even a little out of focus. It might have to do with my lightbox, I used a lighter fabric instead of tissue paper and I think that's affecting them. Either way, I'll work on it! Until then, do they look a little better to you?

First I have Aquarius! You should know by now I love blue so I was not surprised I loved this color! Aquarius is a beautiful creamy blue with different color and size glitters including green, purple and blue. I actually didn't know it had green or purple glitters in when Noelie told me she was sending me this color but I think it give this polish so much more visual interest. 3 easy coats were applied, no topcoat.

Last but certainly not least is Fire and Blood. This is such a gorgeous color; red jelly base with assorted glitter including red, orange, and holo. No topcoat shown, that's why it looks textured! Below is 2 coats. This polish was really easy to work with and I didn't need to place any glitter at all. So stunning!
Overall, I'm definitely a lover of Smitten Polish! Noelie creates unique, beautiful colors with great formulas; plus she is pretty much the sweetest person ever so you know if there was ever even the smallest problem with your order she wouldn't hesitate to make sure you were happy!

Would I buy them? Without a doubt!

Where are they sold? You can buy Smitten Polish from Noelie's Etsy shop. 15 ml bottles are $9.00!

Additional Information: Noelie also has an amazing blog that you have to check out, she has the prettiest nails! Her shop opened yesterday so pretty much everything is sold out, I'm not sure when her shop will open again but I know she does post info about it on her blog. (As of last night I know there were still 5 bottles of Aquarius left so if you absolutely need one, which I know you do, quick get to her shop and see if there are any left!)

Would you buy either of these colors from Smitten Polish? Which one was your favorite?

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Week (7)...

Here's my week on instagram...

1. Juicy nails Ulta - Peach Parfait
2. Taking videos with the sista. This is how my face always looks.
3. So rainy out!
4. Bought a few things for The Penguin Makeup Challenge
5. Yummy snack: Spinach and artichoke hummus with pita chips. SO YUMMY.
6. P90x = ouch

Do anything fun this weekend/week?

P.S. sorry I've been late on my Summer Challenge posts, life happened. Busy busy, I'll make it up to you :)

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Announcing The Penguin Makeup Challenge

Hi everyone!!!!! Today I'm extremely excited to be sharing a makeup challenge put together by Kaki from GlitterObsession, Mimi from MakeupWithdrawal, and myself! It's the first challenge I've helped create, first makeup challenge I've signed up to take part in, and the first makeup challenge I've heard about at all (EDIT I unintentionally lied, remember the $20.00 makeup challenge tag that was/is going around?)! Pretty exciting, huh?

Okay now to go over some things so you aren't confused!
  • This is a makeup challenge only, not nails, just makeup! :)
  • You do not have to put your entire face on the internet! Obviously many people aren't comfortable with putting a picture of their entire face on the internet for all to see and I'm telling you, you don't have to! As long as you follow the theme/day color rules (ie. black and white) you can photograph any single part of your face for this challenge! Black & Color makeup for lips, go for it! Black & White makeup for ears, weird but again, it qualifies! However if you're brave enough to put your entire face on the internet we'd love to see what you come up with as well!
  • This is a three week challenge. As you can see there are three themes on the poster (black and white, black and colors, and white and color). Each seperate theme will be posted on Wednesday exactly one week apart.
  • Kaki will be emailing out the inlinkz code the day before the challenge starts (July 31st she'll be sending it out). Inlinkz is so easy to use but if you haven't worked with it before Kaki will provide easy directions in the email with the code. Because we are emailing out the code, if you want to participate please email either one of us so we can put you on the list to email on the 31st.
  • You don't have to be a professional, heck you don't even have to be 'good'! This challenge's sole purpose is to have fun! Don't be self conscious because I for example am not amazing at makeup; but, practicing does help you get better so if not for fun, do this to gain some makeup practice!
  • As you can see I attached a poster for the challenge. If you want to post about the challenge please, go ahead, we would love that! Simply save the picture and write up a post about it. I do ask that you please link back to all three of us (Kaki, Mimi, and I) so that they can refer back to our information :) And of course get in touch because you do need to email us to get the inlinkz code! (Like I said, we'll put you on a list so you get the email the day before the challenge.)
That's all I can think of at the moment but if you're still unsure about what this challenge is or if you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to comment or email any one of us! No question is a stupid question! Well, that's not true haha; if the question relates to this post it's not stupid! Okay, that's better.

I really hope I will see all of your lovely entries, I for one can't wait to get started!

So tell me, will you be joining in on the fun?

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 6 - Favorite Summer Color

Hey guys! Today I have a quick post because I'll just being showing you a color, no nail art for you today!

Today's theme is favorite summer color. Instantly I thought of neons as many of you probably do too. Bright, juicy colors basically scream summer so this theme was basically a no-brainer! I only have one super bright shade neon right now and I've already shown it to you two other times but never on it's own...

It's Orly - Passion Fruit; a gorgeous neon pink with a tint of orange to it. Ignore my wonky ring finger; it broke really low and I'm using a teabag and nail glue to repair it until it grows out. 2 coats of this surprisingly un-streaky neon, I'd definitely give the formula for this an A+! I also love Orly bottles for some reason, the shape and the handle, I don't know I just really like it! In case you don't know the handle is rubber and shimmery! :D

I also used this color with Sally Hansen - Pacific Blue and then another time under F4 Polish - Chunky Cow!

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mermaid Eyes 2 (Makeup Video Tutorial)

Hi guys! Today I have a fun makeup tutorial for you! Let me just say I have so much room to improve so please be nice! haha :)

I wasn't extremely happy with the vibrancy of the shades I was using but hey, you gotta work with what ya got! So here it is, I didn't list all of the colors and products used because I'm not sure if they're still available and you can switch each color out for whatever shades you want! Let me know if you have any question or something didn't make sense! I hope you all like it and please, please, please send some requests and suggestions my way, I'm always in need of new and fresh ideas! :D

So on of my absolute favorite colors is blue! I had originally done something similar to this look called mermaid eyes as well which looked a little bit different but I use the same colors more or less. Let me know which one you like better and what you think!

The picture may have gotten a bit too saturated in the video, here's what it kind of looked like,
I couldn't capture it's intesity exactly!
- xoxo Alexis Leigh

Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 5 - Fruit

Whoot whoot, today's challenge is fruit! Oh so lame.

Okay, my thought was, how many different translations of fruit can you do on your nails? I couldn't think of many so this is what I came up with. Sorry these pictures are dark, still haven't gotten a lamp! I know, I better get on that. Also no topcoat so that's why they look a little textured.

Thumb - lemon, Pointer - strawberry, Middle - orange, Ring - watermelon, Pinky - kiwi

My strawberry looks kinda funky, huh?

What do you think of these?

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Week (6)...

Wow already 6 weeks!

There are a lot of pictures this time, fair warning. :)

My week on instagram...

1 Haley's birthday flowers
2 Lucie always messes up her polish right after I do it!
3 Super quick 4th nails
4 A lovely instagram follower
5 The twins with their sparklers
6 Nathanael
7 I asked if you all would like to see a tutorial on this look and a few said yes so I'll be filming it!
8 Finally, been waiting on this nail mail for a while!

(All desserts from 4th of July family partayy, also all homemade by my uncle!)
1 Yummy cream puffs
2 White chocolate rasberry tart
3 Chocolate rasperry and vanilla pie (? I think)
4 Mini cheescakes with chocolate cream cheese frosting and fruit
5 Rasberry swirl cheesecake, this one made by my aunt
6 I forget what this is but it was good!

Yes, we like rasberries!

To all of my US readers, what did you guys do for the 4th of July? To my, not US readers, did you do anything fun this week?

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

Darling Diva Polish - Angry Beaver

Hi guys, today I have the last polish I received from Darling Diva Polish for your eyes today! Let's do this!

Today I have Angry Beaver. It's a bright purple base with a whole bunch of different colored glitters and even some holo glitters! Saying that makes it sound like someone just threw a bunch of crap into a bottle but that's not the case with this polish, it really meshes well. I think it may be the bright base that pulls it all together. This is definitely a topper unless you want to use a bajillion coats. It's mostly the glitter that makes this kind of opaque, not the base color. Below is four coats alone and then you can see some pictures of it layered over a pink jelly (from my polish days - jelly sandwich mani). The macro bottle shot pulled a little more blue than it actually is.

Overall, this is not my favorite polish that I got from Carrie, but I do like it. It's a very versatile polish, you can put it over pink like I did, purple to match the base, white, anything really!

Would I buy it? Honestly just from seeing the swatches I probably wouldn't have chosen it but after trying it yes, I think I would probably buy it.

Where is it sold? You can buy Darling Diva Polish at Carrie's Etsy shop which is now open! Her polishes range from $8.00 to $12.00 I believe (holos are $12.00).

Additional Info: Formula was good, no glitter placement was really needed although the glitter does drag a bit as most do. I did dab the brush around a little to get some more glitter in some places which actually might be considered as glitter placement? Either way it wasn't bad.

See the rest of the polishes I got and reviewed from Darling Diva Polish! Red After the Wolf, Dusky Sky, and Unicorn Bath.

What did you guys think of the Darling Diva Polishes? Would you buy any of them? If so, what are your picks?

:D I hope you guys enjoyed these polish, I definitely did!

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 4 - Palm Trees

Short and sweet today people...

Today's theme is Palm Trees, great theme, not great mani. You can thank myself.

Just a plain old wonky palm tree. I really outdid myself this time. (sarcasm if you didn't catch that haha) Oh well, there's more challenges so I'll do better on those!

Even though mine looked like poo I'm sure non of the other ladies' manis did, check em' outtttt!

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

Friday, July 6, 2012

Urban Decay

Hi guys, quick post here about what's just gone on in the beauty industry!

You may or may not have heard recently Urban Decay announced on their website they'd be selling in China which meant they'd have to comply with China's rules and test their products on animals. There's way more to it than that I'm just giving you the super short version. Anyway, that was a huge almost slap in UD's customers faces because as you probably know, UD was pretty much known for being cruelty free! Many customers were saying they wouldn't buy from UD anymore and all of that (I agreed with that).


Rejoice UD lovers because they've just released a letter on their website explaining that they've decided they won't be selling in China afterall! I'm extremely happy and all of you should be too, they're products are amazing and thankfully are staying cruelty free! Honestly, it's a shame people buy makeup even though they're aware it's hurting/killing an innocent animal.

Well, I for one am extremely happy because I still haven't gotten my hands on the Naked Pallette!

What do you all think about this? Do you even purchase Urban Decay products?

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

Darling Diva Polish - Unicorn Bath

Hola friendsies! (Nice intro, right?) Today I have the second to last polish from Darling Diva Polish. I'm in a rambling mood so I better just get to the pictures before I start typing random things like a mad women. Sort of like I'm doing right now.

Unicorn Bath. SUCH a pretty color! It's definitely a layering polish, I used 2 coats If I remember correctly over a sky blue franken, no topcoat. It's a sheer sky blue base with large white and blue glitters and if my eyes are working, some sort of iridescent super fine glitters? You tell me. Anyway, it's so gorgeous. I'm a little curious about the name though, unicorn bath? Does that mean unicorns dirt is blue, white, and glittery? Probably, showoffs.


Overall, this polish may not be my favorite out of them all but I do love it and I'm not giving it to you. I wonder what this would look like over a dark color, I'll have to try it.

Would I buy it? Let's be honest, there's not many polishes I wouldn't buy but for $8.00 this is a gorgeous polish that I can't say I've seen anywhere else, so yes, I'd buy it.

Where is it sold? You can buy Darling Diva Polish at Carrie's Etsy shop which is now open! Her polishes range from $8.00 to $12.00 I believe (holos are $12.00).

Additional Info: Hmm, I can't think of anything, I must do my best writing at 12:00 am.

How do you like this topcoat? *kicks a little* orrrrrr *grabs*, that's the question I have for you.

- xoxo Alexis Leigh 

The product in this post was send to me for my unbiased, honest review. For more information visit my Disclosure Policy.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 3 - Favorite Summer Song

Hey guys! So today is the 3rd day of the Summer Challenge! I think quite a few people had a hard time with this day's theme because, how do you translate a song (Let alone pick favorite! Oh, is that only my problem?) into nail art? Well, all you quitters, let me show you how it's done... Oh my goodness, I'm just kidding! Haha I'm by no means an expert or even better than anyone else so please do not take offense to that! :D Okay, enough with my un-funny and offensive jokes! Comment if you are wondering about any of the specific colors used, I'm not listing them...

So I was inspired by a song I love, You've Got The Love by Florence + The Machine (one of my favorite bands if not my all time favorite). Play the song, it's at the bottom! ;) So the lyrics start out with "Sometimes I feel like throwin' my hands up in the air", that's why there's unintentional skeleton looking hands on my index finger. The rest of the song is just about love which makes sense since I have love an a heart written on my nails! For the background I was inspired by the night sky and fireworks but instead decided to do something a little bit more "abstract". So no, it's no confetti, it's just, I don't know whatever you want it to be I suppose. Sorry for the cuticle stainage, that was leftover from my Day 1 - bee nails. I really like the way these turned out! :D
Here's my nails before I put on the main white design.
 So really I don't have a favorite song at all, not even a summer one but I do love You've Got The Love and it's pretty upbeat so I could see it being a summer-y song. As I already told you I loveeeeeee Florence + The Machine (they're coming to where I live in September to do a concert but I don't have the money to go right now *sad face*) so it was really a no brainer picking one of their songs. Bonus info: I'm also a sucker for indie music, ahhh love. I really like Of Monsters and Men, The Lumineers, Sia, and Fun. There's tons more but I'll just leave you with those :)
As promised, here's the amazing song, You've Got The Love by Florence + The Machine! Don't worry, I'll dance with you *starts dancing*


- xoxo Alexis Leigh