Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Portland Black Lipstick Company - Review & Swatches

Hey everybody! Today I have a wayyyy overdue post for you! I had the awesome opportunity to review some products from Portland Black Lipstick Company. I have 3 lipsticks and one eyeshadow to show you, and they're not exactly your typical lipsticks...

Portland Black Lipstick Company's products are in their words, "All Natural Makeup For That Un-natural Look" I love that! This makeup really isn't all that natural looking but what I love about it is that the ingredients are all natural! So let's see the products!

Here's a photo from their website. All of their lipsticks are packaged like chap sticks are as you can see below.

First up is the gorgeous and bright Difficult Island. This lipstick has an amazing creamy formula and is soooooooo pigmented as you can see! Definitely a bold color choice (well, most PBLC lipsticks are) and really such a stunning color. I actually showed you this lipstick before for the Penguin Makeup Challenge!

Next is Indigo Bridge. I can't tell you how much I love this color for Fall. This color you could definitely get away with a little more than Difficult Island because it's not quite black and it's also Fall so dark colors are much more acceptable. A black base with this gorgeous metallic indigo finish, this is my favorite lipstick I reviewed for them!  Ahhh, I'm so in love with this! Amazing formula again!

And last for the lipsticks we have the Original Black Lipstick. Awesome formula as usual, probably the creamiest out of all three, and super pigmented. I used a black eyeliner as lipliner just so I had a more defined line to follow and I still make a little bit of a mess. I'd suggest using some coconut oil or liquid makeup remover and a brush to clean up the edges if needed!

 And last we have this gorgeous eyeshadow. I'm actually not positive what it's called (will check back on that, promise!) but it's so pretty! An iridescent loose shimmer shadow with blue to violet color changing particles from what I saw. On the left is it applied alone with a brush and on the right is it applied wet.

Overall, I am such a Portland Black Lipstick Company fan! Their lipsticks have such amazing, pigmented, and moisturizing formulas and their colors are so unique! No doubt, this company is definitely the one to go to if you're looking for some gorgeous unique lipsticks with awesome formulas. 

You can purchase Portland Black Lipstick Company products on their etsy shop. Their lipsticks retail for $9.00 each (.15 oz).

Would you wear any of these fabulous colors? Do you have anything from Portland Black Lipstick Company already? Which color is your favorite?

*Product(s) provided for my honest review*

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