Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tons of Announcements!

Hi guys, I have a bunch of little announcements to make so here goes...

I created a blog for the awesome Stephanie (aka creative genius behind WingDustCollections nail polish)! I literally was working on it all day because I was so excited to get it done for her! I'm no web designer but she likes it and that makes me happy! Stephanie's totally awesome so... PLEASE go check out her blog and follow, she said it herself, she loves to be generous to the people who support her! CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO VISIT HER BLOG!

Next announcement, I have a lovely friend (I actually met her through her mom, Rhiannon, she owns BabyCakesDesigns which I did a review on a little while back!) who's just created a blog! She's into beauty and I know she'll have some amazing posts coming up so be sure to follow her as well. She's also into special effects makeup which isn't something you see everyday on a blog so it'll be fun to see what she does later on! Click on the link below to visit Legend's blog!

Legend'sPeachyLove Blog!!!

I realize you guys probably don't need to be reminded of this in a post since you can see it on my side bar..... but! if you want to order anything from the born pretty store, be sure to use my code DN5X31 and you'll get 7% off your order! Plus the born pretty store always offers free shipping, SCORE!

Now, onto the last announcement I believe! The generous people over at Lone Wolf Accents are giving my fantastic readers (that's you!) free shipping on everything with the code Alexis ... awesome, right? If you don't know what/who Lone Wolf Accents are, read below to find out!

"Lone Wolf Accents creates high fashion jewelry with an emphasis on dressing your entire body. Our body chains, body necklaces, hand chains, head chains and shoe chains allow you to infuse your own creativity as you style each piece into your existing wardrobe. With our multi-wear necklaces and versatile body chains you can triple your wardrobe by styling each unique piece into a look."

I pretty much love their entire About page, Molly and Sarah just seem like really awesome down to earth people, don't they? 

Read why they named their brand Lone Wolf Accents, it's pretty rad...

"Many wolves who are pushed out of a pack have little chance for survival. But the lone wolves who find each other and form their own pack not only survive, but thrive. The pack's power lies in its diversity, strength of will, and fearlessness. If you've ever had the desire to step outside social norms, walk your own path and not care what others thought, Lone Wolf is for you. Welcome to the Wolf Pack."

I, of course want to be totally honest with you so please note that using the Long Wolf Accents code will give me 10% of the sales. I am in no way promoting this company because they are paying me or anything like that. I wouldn't be telling you about this company if I wouldn't buy from them myself; I have my eye on a ton of their items already, especially their hand chains!

Born Pretty Store - DN5X31 (for 7% off your order)
Lone Wolf Accents - Alexis (for free shipping) 


- xoxo Alexis Leigh

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