Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Redeeming Beauty Reivew & Tutorial

Hi lovelies! Guess what? Today is my 200th post! So crazy! I'm about to get mushy... I just want to thank you all for following and commenting on my posts, you have no idea how happy it makes me when I see I get another follower or comment. You guys really do make it worth while! Just the other day I wasn't feeling too happy and I mentioned it on twitter, you awesome people were sweet enough to actually ask me what was wrong and just talk to me about it and that's seriously just amazing! I'm not even sure I have many friends who would do that! ALSO, I'm almost to 200 followers! WHAT?!? I know, mind blowing! It would be incredibly awesome if you all could help me get there! LOVE YOU ALL xoxoxo!

Now onto the actual post :) I had the awesome chance to review some products from Redeeming Beauty, an cool etsy shop that sells gorgeous mineral makeup. Emily, the owner, picked out three eye shadows according to my appearance (hair color, eye color, and complexion). I created a tutorial using all three eye shadows for all three different makeup looks. The looks sort of intensify from 1-3, 1 being a light summery look, 2 being a smoky sort of grunge look, and 3 being a darker more night-time appropriate look. Unfortunately the sound got all messed up on my computer so to ensure you know everything I'm saying turn on the caption (I edited it so it's accurate)!

          Hot Summer                                         Smoked Out                                             The Trio

Now onto the review! 

Just a note about all of the eye shadows... all of them can be used as eye liner but, "use the lid to mix the shadow and water. DO NOT add water to the container of shadow - it will introduce a medium on which bacteria can grow!"

Also, for the shadow swatches, the right stripe is applied to my arm using a brush without any primer or anything and the second stripe is applied with a wet brush.

Dryad - "deep woody brown with green iridescence *a dryad is a mythical fairy-type creature that lives in trees*" This color was so gorgeous, not my favorite out of the three but it's so gorgeous! I could tell there was a stunning shimmer in it and it's really noticeable, however I didn't realize it was green! I think this is a great color, especially for those who love earth tones but want something a little different; the shimmer in this makes it unique.

Direct Light

Forest Faerie - "an iridescent wooded jade green"For sure my favorite color out of the three! Such a gorgeous and interesting shade that I couldn't place until I read the description Emily wrote. This is definitely a unique shade and I'll be using it often. Apply this shadow wet is even more interesting, it turns into this stunning metallic color that I just LOVE!

Direct Light

Faerie Wings - "a gilded translucent pink with iridescent green flecks" This is a really pretty color but probably my least favorite. I love it's versatility and the shimmer in this one also makes it really interesting. This works really well to brighten up your eyes if you use it near your tear ducts, and like I said, it's just a super versatile color, you can use it with so many colors an in so many different ways.

Direct Light

I'd for sure recommend these eye shadows and Emily's shop. She has great products and customer service which is always a plus! There's also a wide range of colors to pick from so there's something for everyone, for every season of the year! Also, she ships EVERYWHERE!

You can buy Redeeming Beauty mineral products on her etsy shop. Her products retail for $1.25 (samples) to $14.00 (foundations). 

Just for you guys, Emily has provided a 20% off code! The code is IAmBeautiful have fun shopping!

Which is your favorite look? What about your favorite eye shadow? Have you heard of Redeeming Beauty products?

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

*Product(s) provided for my honest review*

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