Saturday, September 8, 2012

Nail Pattern Boldness - Review (Part 2)

Hi! Today I have the 2nd and last part of my Nail Pattern Boldness review! I'm not sure if I saved the best for last since all of the polishes were amazing but I do have something really special to show you from NPB! Let's just get right into it...

First up I have Double Up. This one was actually a surprising favorite of mine and it's honestly one of my favorite glitter topcoats I own. Gunmetal gray hexes with some smaller holo gunmetal hexes, ahhh seriously just my style! This is 1 coat shown over 1 coat of a grey franken (just mix wet n' wild white and black and you got yourself a 1 coat gray!) and LVX - Livid.

This is the special/interesting polish I was talking about! Glitter Food is literally magic in a bottle. You know those gritty glitters (for example, Mrs. White, shown below. Please excuse the spelling in the picture, it's not called Mrs. White Hand.. it's Mrs. White, my mistake.) that take about 5 coats of Seche Vite to smooth over? Yeah, they're pretty gorgeous but also a pain in the but to get glossy and smooth! Well, the amazingly talented Allison has created a remedy for that problem, Glitter Food/Fix A Flat! Just apply 1 coat over your gritty polish and as it dries it creates a smooth satin finish. It's seriously incredible! Because the finish is satin and not completely glossy Allison (and I after trying it) advise apply a coat of fast dry top coat. I don't even think you understand the magic this bottle possesses, I tried about a million times to capture the difference in picture form but it wasn't possible! In the pictures below you can kind of see the difference but it's so much more amazing in person! For referance you can see a bottle of Glitter Food (also on my nails w/a coat of top coat); I'm holding the bottle while wearing Don't Drop That Spoon. Exciting news about this polish, it's so amazing it is now being sold on llarowe! Yayyy, congrats Allison! There is also two more uses this amazing polish has, "Can also be used to "fix" sunken glitter in polishes.  Remove top 1/4 to 1/5th of polish base with dropper and replace with Glitter Food.  Shake extremely well and, if required, mix the sunken glitter with an orange stick to dislodge glitters that have stuck to the bottom.  Can also be used as a base for holographic nail polish." I haven't tried either of those method yet but I will be in the future!

 Overall, one of my favorite indie brands for sure!

Would I buy it/recommend it? I'd for sure buy and recommend these polishes in a heart beat! Just look at the pictures! MAGIC.

Where are they sold? You can buy Nail Pattern Boldness polishes on etsy! These polishes retail for $8.00 15ml and $9.00 for Glitter Food which you can buy on llarowe.

Additional information: Nail Pattern Boldness mixes her own polish bases and her polishes are 3 free.

Are you going to pick up a bottle of Glitter Food right now?!??

If you didn't see Part 1 of my Nail Pattern Boldness Review, click on the images to check it out now!

 - xoxo Alexis Leigh

*Product(s) provided for my honest review*

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