Friday, September 21, 2012

BeadsInk Review!

Hi! Today I have a review on some gorgeous nail polish jewelry pieces from BeadsInk! Stephanie is so sweet and her pieces are stunning so I'm really excited to be sharing some of her jewelry today!

Just a few pictures of the packaging real quick...

She put a lot of though into the packaging to make it really special which I loved!

The necklace was packaged like the rings too but I took it out :)
 Just a note about the jewelry, the rings have adjustable bands so you don't have to worry about ordering the right size and things like that! Also, the necklace has the normal hook and ring to close it.

 First is this gorgeous 1 inch Silver Plated Heart ring. I thought this was pretty and girly and I could totally spice it up with some black to make it more edgy. This is so sparkly in the sun and it has so much depth to it! This is Elixir Lacquers - With a K. The second picture is to kind of give you an idea of the size of the ring.

 This teal ring is actually my favorite piece out of all three which isn't surprising since it's blue! The color is just gorgeous and so complex, it was really hard to capture on camera. This is a 18x25mm oval ring in a gunmetal color. I love how the gunmetal pairs with the sparkly teal color of the polish, the dark metallic color of the setting really gives the ring an edgy and unique feel to it. This is Dollish Polish - Mermaid Scales. I do want to mention that for some reason I was picturing this ring to be much bigger in person (even though I picked the 18x25mm setting!). I still love it but take a look at the second picture to give you an idea about the size of the ring.

 The last item I received to review was this beautiful necklace. This is Glitter Gal -  Lizard Belly in a 30mm Silver Plated necklace setting. I really like this detailed setting and they way it goes with the dark color of Lizard Belly. I am just the tiniest bit disappointed at it's holo effect though, I wish it was stronger! The first picture shows it in shady lighting and the last two show it at different angles in the sunlight.

If you can't already tell, I love Stephanie's jewelry! Her pieces are stunning and I think it's awesome that she has such a wide selection of colors and settings to choose from. There's no doubt I'd recommend her products! She puts a lot of effort into not only the quality and appearance of her products but also her packaging.

You can buy BeadsInk products on her Etsy shop. You can also take a look at her stash and settings on her blog and be sure to stay up to date on her shop by liking her Facebook page!

Which is your favorite piece of jewelry from BeadsInk? Do you already have any pieces from Stephanie's shop? Do you own any nail polish jewelry?

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- xoxo Alexis Leigh

*Product(s) provided for my honest review*

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