Wednesday, September 5, 2012

31DC2012 - Day 5 (Blue)

YES! Today is blue day and I'm pumped because I love me some blue. Even though I said I don't usually have favorites of things, blue is an exception, it's definitely my favorite color!

So this is crazy but for some reason I had done a mani for this day already (that's not the crazy part...) and get this, it was basically just a swatch. I'm not really sure why I didn't plan to do something crazy and amazing for this day but I just didn't. I was going to show you just a swatch of one of my all time favorite blue polishe (see at the end of this post) and that's it but last minute I decided to do something a little more interesting...

I unintentionally used some of my favorite blues for this design too! I used Ulta - Wild Night (darkest blue w/shimmer), CHI - Midnight Rendezvous (darkish medium blue w/shimmer & also swatches at bottom), NYC - Water Street Blue (medium blue creme), and LVX - Callais (light blue creme). For my base color I wanted to use something a little milkier than white (Lime Crime - Milky Way would've been perfect if I had it!) but I don't have many shades in the color I had in mind so I decided to see if my Orly - Ridge filler would do since it's a milky almost greyish neatral. I really loved it as the base for this, it isn't a jelly and it's not made to be a regular polish so it was streaky but with 3 careful coats it was gorgeous.
A long time ago I had seen this mani on tumblr and I fell in love! It had been stuck in the back of my mind forever but I had never attempted it. WELL, I finally decided to try it last night using some blue polishes and ohhhhemmmmgeeeeee I love this design so much! I didn't stray far at all from the original design I saw on mani meuse because it already had some of my favorite things in it so there wasn't much I could do to make it "my own". Anyway, I just really really love this and I hope you do too; I'll for sure be re-creating this design in the future.

Here's the blue I was originally going to show you, CHI - Midnight Rendezvous. AHHH isn't it gorgeous?! I wonder if they still sell this color, I'm pretty much all out and I need more! D: This is a beautiful medium blue shade with turquoise shimmer throughout, it looks amazing in the sun! 2 coats shown here.

I loved this theme so much! Are you as in love with both of these manis? I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THEM! Can you tell? ;)

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

*Some of the products in this post provided for my honest review*

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