Tuesday, August 7, 2012

WingDustCollections - Part 2

Hey, heyyyy everybody! Today I have the second and last part of my WingDustCollections polishes.

Like I said in my last post (link to it all the way at the bottom!), these are my three favorites and that's exactly why I decided to show them in part 2, savin' the best or last!

Let's go with Grape Crush first! This polish has a pretty purple base with tons of holo powder and some small white glitter and large metallic blue hex glitter added in. I love this! This is 2 coats layered over a grey-purple (with silver shimmer) franken.
I'm having so much fun with this hand pose! haha, it looks like me hand is floating in space!

Unintentional great intro (caption of the picture directly above) for this next polish, Fly Me To The Moon! A gorgeous polish with a clear base and tons of glitter, designed to be galaxy nails in a bottle, I think this is pretty spot-on. Glitters include black and blue micro glitters (dense), different sized white glitter, silver diamond glitter, and tons of holo glitters. So, so, so beautiful, this is probably my second favorite! 2 coats over NYC - Water Street Blue.

Last one and probably my favorite, Jazzberry Pie. If you were wondering, heck yes this one does deserve 3 photos, probably more. A freaking gorgeous pinky lavender(? don't quote me on that) base with tons of holo powder (not the same as a normal holo polish, I believe the powder is only slightly larger) and two sizes of metallic blue hex glitters. 2 coats over Essie - To Buy Or Not To Buy? I LOVE THIS; for obvious reasons of course.
New fave hand pose. Watch out.
 Overall, I'm dying I love these so much. DYING. My favorite thing about these three polishes is their holo glitter! It's not small holo glitter but rather powder which is very ChG - Fairy Dust esque. 

Would I buy them? No doubt I'd buy them all for sure, in my sleep. Wait, does that even make sense?

Where are they sold? You can buy these freaking fantastically fabulously ferocious (added that last one for good measure) polishes through Stephanie's etsy shop! for I believe $9.00 each!

Additional Information: If you wanted to know which one out of all of them I'd suggest buying, I'd say Jazzberry Pie! SOOOOOO GORGEOUS! 

Are you as in love with these as I am? Which one is your favorite????

In case you didn't see em', click on  the pictures below to see Part 1!

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

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