Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Penguin Makeup Challenge - Black & Color

Hi guys! I totally forgot about TPMC for a second but luckily I have the post for you now!

So after seeing all the other lovely ladies participating in this different interpretations of the theme I was felt like I was taking it way too safe! I had an idea for this challenge but not any time to redo what I had already taken pictures of! :( I still really like this and it keeps in theme with my iconic beauties so I hope you all enjoy it!

So, this week I decided Marilyn Monroe would be my inspiration. Her makeup is no doubt one of my favorite looks of all time (cat liner is a basically an everyday necessity for me) so I knew I'd be able to do it. Sadly somewhere I got a little crazy with the lips and instead of trying to fake the appearance of fuller lips I kind of ended up making them look clown-ish; that's the only thing I didn't like about this. Haha my sister looks at me and goes, "What happened to your lips?" I debated redoing the entire thing because I had already taken my eye makeup off but I was just too busy. Please don't laugh! haha :P

Marilyn's makeup consisted of either no eyeshadow or something very light so I used a subtle shimmery beige as my base with just a slight crease using a matte light mocha brown. Obviously cat or winged liner was esecntial to the look so I drew that on, applied a bunch of mascara, filled in my brows (eyebrows should be strong for this look; intensity didn't translate very well on camera for some reason) contoured a little bit, added a mole (on the opposite side of hers since I have a beauty mark right there anyway), and then drew on my red clown lips.

I think I like this picture best

Hmmm, what do you think of this?

Check out the other lovely ladies participating, I can't wait to see their looks!

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

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