Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pomegranate Lacquer Review

Hi guys! Whoo has it been a crazy week for me! Have you had a hectic week too?

Anyway, today I have 3 gorgeous polishes from a fairly new to me brand- Pomegranate Lacquer! FYI, they also just redid their website and I think it looks really great, yet another reason to go check out their site and make your wallets cry! Also, aren't their bottles so pretty? Their shape is a little more interesting than the average square or cylinder bottle but still uniform (is that the word I'm looking for?) enough to store easily. I also really like their logos, so cute! Here's some bottle shots I took...

First up, here's Dreamscape. On Pomegranate Lacquer's website, they have a whole page devoted to blogger's swatches of their shades (which I think is awesome by the way!), I strangely saw that Dreamscape hadn't been reviewed once! That's what made me want to try it (plus I've been on a nude/sheer-ish kick). The pictures show 3 coats and top coat. Formula was a bit streakier than I would've liked but the third coat evened things out a bit. 

Next I have Blue Screen of Death which is for sure my favorite! It's definitely no secret blue and I are for sure in love so it wasn't really a surprise to me that I love this color. I am wearing 2 coats and there's still just a bit of VNL. This color is so pretty, it's not just your average blue jelly, it has this gorgeous teal shimmer flake hybrid in it that adds so much dimension and visual interest.

Last I have Cyberspace. This is a really unique colored holo, it's soooooo pretty! It's not the holoyest holo you've ever seen but it does have enough that you definitely notice it in the sun. The first picture is a little blurry to show the rainbow effect. This is 3 easy coats. I believe there is also top coat on this as well, it dulled the holo effect just the tiniest bit, almost unnoticeable. Also, holo is more evident in the real sun :)

Overall, I think Pomegranate Lacquer has really quality polishes in beautiful and interesting shades. They also have a wide range of colors on their website!

Would I buy them? Yes, I would. If I had one of the OPI ballet collection jellies I probably wouldn't buy Dreamscape only because I heard the OPIs had amazing non-streaky (at all!) formulas.

Where are they sold? You can buy Pomegranate Lacquers on their website. Their polishes retail for $9.00

Additional information: Pomegranate Lacquers are made in the USA, 4-free, and cruelty free. Also, their bottles are an unusual 16.5ml big rather than the usual 15ml. I also really, really like how environmentally aware Tina is. She even has a tab about recycling polish because it is considered household hazardous waste. Tina is also incredibly sweet and I can tell from emailing her she cares so incredibly much about the quality of her products and her customers satisfaction.

So, how do you feel about these polishes and Pomegranate Lacquer overall? Do you have a favorite?

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

*Product(s) provided for my honest review*

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