Monday, August 20, 2012

LVX Nail Art (SPAM)

Hey guys! I'm guessing you remember my post reviewing the LVX Summer 2012 Collection recently. Well, you already know I LOVE their polishes so I don't need to go over that. It seems everytime I wanted to do some nail or, or just something fun on my nails I'd constantly reach for the LVX shades (they're just so pigmented and easy to use!) so I ended up doing a total of 5 different nail art manis using some of the LVX polishes. Since I share most of my nail designs/nail polish on instagram I'll share a picture of each insta-mani!

 Here I did some french + polka dots on one hand and french + stripes on the other. I used Ecru and Livid for this design. I had originally just done the dot design on one hand and was just going to take a picture of that but I liked it so much I wanted to do a disign on my other hand so I could actually wear it out. This is what I ended up with! This was fun to wear because I usually don't do nail art/any sort of design on my right hand; I'm by no means ambidextrous! Also, my 4 year old sister, Sophie took this instagram photo!

                                                                                This is the second nails I did with my LVX colors, this is Aviero and Livid tribal accents with gold holo tips using DarlingDivaPolish - Stripper Pole. I also used SP to add some color to my tribal accents. I really liked this! I was actually inspired to do it when I saw the awesome Winnie's half nail tribal art she did on a customer. The challenge then began. haha, I really liked the way this turned out! Someone actually asked me if these were nail "stickers" :)

                                                                                Next I decided to do some gradient dots for the second time (first time I didn't get a picture although it is on instagram!). I love gradient dots (thanks to chalkboardnails) and LVX had some colors that would look great together so, I did it! I used Ecru, Vermillion, Callais, and Livid. I loved this combination of colors and this overall mani, I even ended up doing it on both hands! I also want to mention that even though I can hardly keep nail polish on for more than 2 days I kept this on for 3 days and there was absolutely no tip wear at all!

                                                                                   Then I did this mani, I didn't love it, it was just too simple or something but my lovely instagram followers like it! I used Primrose as my base and then Orly - Passion Fruit and China Glaze - Hang-Ten Toes for the triangle. So I didn't actually do any nail art with the LVX colors but I did use it for the mani. It's really summery and bright which I like but I think I could've done something better. 

                                                                                Now for the last one! This one is probably the busiest print and the most work although it is still super easy! I started out wanting to do those abstract roses you see in nail art but it turned out a little too abstract to the point where you couldn't even tell what they were supposed to be. I thought it didn't look good but I asked you all on instagram and you actually really loved it! I was extremely surprised (pleasantly of course!) and after looking at it for a little bit I decided I liked it too! It kind of reminds me of kindergarten paintings :) I used all the LVX colors for this mani! As you can also see, my thumb is blank haha :P

You can buy LVX nail polish on their website, here. Also, stay up to date on their fall collection and other news through their facebook and twitter pages.

So, which of these nail art designs is your favorite? Do you agree with my instagram followers that the abstract mani is indeed awesome? :D

Have a good week!

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

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