Monday, August 13, 2012

BabyCakes Designs Review (WITH A VIDEO!)

Hey everybody! Man, summer is going by quick! I for one can't wait for fall so I'm not too, too sad about summer leaving for a little while; what about you guys?

Anyway today's post is going to be pretty long, fair warning! I had the awesome opportunity to review some products from Rhiannon over at BabyCakes Designs. Roisin (Cuti-CLUE-Les), had the brilliant idea for me to start filming more videos like reviews and things other than my usual tutorials so I took her advice! After I got over the whole, "Oh no, the world is going to see I have braces!" thing I was pretty psyched to take her idea and actually film something! Oh my goodness, I'm not sure if I'm just overly critical or not used to talking to a camera yet but I'm just so awkward! Although, I'm actually a pretty awkward person in reality too so it makes sense. I really don't care though, it was fun and I plan on doing a lot more videos whether you like it or not! :) Okay let's do this! I have a video tutorial which is pretty general, and then under the video is some pictures of the products and a more in depth, written review of each individual product as well as some links!


Octopus Hair Clip - great quality, not too heavy and soooo adorable! Alligator clip on back for easy wear. Red with white polka dot bow, they have a pink with hot pink polka dot bow as well! $8.00

"Hello Kitty" Bow Clip - it's not actually called that! Lavendery-pink with silver shimmer, not sure what' it's made out of although it feels like some kind of glass or high qualitly plastic? Alligator clip on back, too cute! Not listed.

Apple Clip - Again super adorable. Not too much to say about this one; these clips always stay put really well in my hair! Not listed.

Creamy Polka Dot Romance Bow - Probably my favorite accessory from her shop! I love the pattern and the material (really soft, silky, and light!). Set on an alligator clip. Easily stays put in hair. $8.00

Young Love Bow - I believe that's the name! Pretty striped purple and white bow, great fabric and quality again. Alligator clip on back. Not listed.

Purple Hair Flower - Big purple flower clip with a hear felt attachment on the back and an alligator clip. Gorgeous color but not very high quaility. I think they'd work wonderfully for party favors or performances. $8.00

Pink Hot Mama Bandana  - Such a great idea! This bandana is pre-hemmed and folded, perfect for those of use that aren't completely sure how to tie a bandana *raises hand* and don't want to be bothered with watching a bunch of videos on how. You can tie this or fasten it with a bow clip (which is how it came to me..it was fastened with the lavender bow clip!).

Look below for some more pictures of the products I received!!!
Overall, I think BabyCakes Designs is a great shop, great products, with a wonderful owner! I personally really like the fact that they have an overall theme going on with their shop, pictures, and of course products. I love their bows especially!

Would I buy them? I'd be more inclined to go for (out of everything I reviewed) the fabrics bows, the bow clip, the octopus clip (in pink?), and the bandana! However if I had to recommend one item it would be the polka dot bow :) I know, what a surprise!

Where are they sold? You can buy BabyCakes Designs products on their etsy shop!

Additional information: BabyCakes Designs ships internationally!

This post wasn't as long as I thought it would be!

What's your favorite item from the shop?

PS! I'll be making a video tutorial on some easy hairstyles using these hair accessories soon!

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

*Product(s) provided for my honest review*

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