Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Week (6)...

Wow already 6 weeks!

There are a lot of pictures this time, fair warning. :)

My week on instagram...

1 Haley's birthday flowers
2 Lucie always messes up her polish right after I do it!
3 Super quick 4th nails
4 A lovely instagram follower
5 The twins with their sparklers
6 Nathanael
7 I asked if you all would like to see a tutorial on this look and a few said yes so I'll be filming it!
8 Finally, been waiting on this nail mail for a while!

(All desserts from 4th of July family partayy, also all homemade by my uncle!)
1 Yummy cream puffs
2 White chocolate rasberry tart
3 Chocolate rasperry and vanilla pie (? I think)
4 Mini cheescakes with chocolate cream cheese frosting and fruit
5 Rasberry swirl cheesecake, this one made by my aunt
6 I forget what this is but it was good!

Yes, we like rasberries!

To all of my US readers, what did you guys do for the 4th of July? To my, not US readers, did you do anything fun this week?

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

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