Sunday, July 22, 2012

Brown & Gold Smokey Eye Tutorial

Just for fun, who wants to see a makeup tutorial I made a long time ago?

Okay if I'm being honest here, I actually really like this makeup look, the only thing I would've done differently is blend up the brown better and a little higher.

Okay time to get real haha. I have braces. I know so many people have them so it's stupid to be self-conscious/embarrassed about them but I definitely am. I actually still have them, which is why I never show myself talking or doing intros of myself in my videos, they're just extremely embarrassing to me; especially because they make me feel so young, does that make sense? I feel like I'm being judged when people see them, they're just not pretty. But, if I'm going to share myself on here, I figured why not share all of me, even the things I don't like. I'm still contemplating whether or not I'll show my face now that you all know my little secret. I feel my videos are kind of impersonal when I just voice over my intro, do you guys think so? I think most of my caution towards posting myself talking also has something to do with my age. For those of you who've read my "about me" tab know how old I am and even telling you that was kind of hard. The reason is because (and even I do this) sometimes people judge you based on your age. Usually it's because you're young, and like I said, even I do this sometimes and I am ashamed of it because I hate when people do it to me. I don't say this to brag or anything and if it does come across that way, I'm sorry but I do not feel my age at all. I want to say I'm mature for my age but that sounds extremely egotistical so I'll refrain, simply put, I make friends with older people (older than me) much better than people my own age. I just do not like teenagers (no offense!), they're disrespectful and rude. Of course not all of them, by absolutely no means do I mean everyone, I'm just talking about some. Who knows, maybe I'm being ignorant but I thought I'd share with you all this self-conscious part of me; sometimes venting helps.

Well that got serious quick. So, what did you think of the video? haha :P

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

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