Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Week (4)...

My week on instagram...

1 Lucie's mini rainbow bday cake Hay and I made her on the 15th
2 Sneak peek at my nails (indie topcoat). Post coming soon
3 Lucie (bottom left), Soph and I at the doctors. Poor Lu had to get a shot :(
4 Bought two polishes, Orly - Passion Fruit and China Glaze - Dorothy Who?
5 Me wearing SH - Pacific Blue and Orly - PF (see it here)
6 Did my aunt, Steph's nails yesterday. Used SH - Pacific Blue, China Glaze - Dorothy Who? and NYC for the silver part, forget the name right now.
7 Better picture of her nails. I thought they turned out so pretty!
8 Bonus pic. Kind of old, Emma was riding on a horse and the helmet fell over her face lol

Did you guys do anything special this weekend?

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

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