Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sugar Spun Nail Tutorial (video)

Hi everyone! Today I have another video tutorial for you (remember my makeup brush cleanser video?), a sugar spun nail art video! This technique is rather simple so a video showing the process isn't absolutely necessary but it does help just to give you a visual of what should be happening. Sorry for my sleepy voice it was 2 am which seems like the only time I can actually get anything done with my blog lately. Also I said um a lot. You might not even have noticed that if I hadn't pointed it out, oh well. I was tired and I had to go to the bathroom but I really wanted to finish it last night so all of that combined probably didn't make for the best video audio. That's okay though, right? I hope you guys still enjoy it and it's helpful for you! :) The video is in HD so feel free to choose that setting!
Here's the video link if the movie doesn't play on this page ;)

Colors Used: (base color) Franken 3 coats, Revlon - Royal.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

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