Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ombre Nail Tutorial

Yell at me and scream at me, I know, it's most definitely not Tuesday, which means I didn't get a single nail post out yesterday! AHHH the horror. I'm sorry! Usually I schedule posts the night before Tuesday or earlier because I don't have time to write up a post during the day but as you can see I didn''t do that this week :(. So, even though it's a day late and "Tip-Tastic Wednesday" doesn't sound nearly as good, here's my promised ombre post!

Ombre or gradient, is a favorite design of mine and I've been trying to master it for a long time. I've seen different techniques and the one I used to use I talked about in my grungy gradient post. You simply take a sponge of any kind and dab some nail polish onto your nail 2/3 of the way, 1/3 and finally at the tips so your gradually building up the color. The thing is when I wasn't using sheer colors my gradients never blended into the next color as gradually or seamlessly as I would've liked. Until, I saw a picture floating around on Pinterest. I tried it and guess what? IT WORKED! In fact it worked amazingly. You also might have seen this recent post by The Beauty Department. Well, they also used the technique that I found effective. I always feel weird posting tutorials on the same things I've seen different places though, I feel like people will think I'm just re-posting exactly what someone else did. BUT....I had tried this before that post was out so I guess I snooze I loose since I didn't get my post out sooner! Oh, well. I think it's still a great post and you all will really like it, so here it is!

 Remember to click "read more" for the full tutorial!

1. Paint your nails with a base coat (preferably the lighter of the colors you are going to be using) and let dry
2. With however many colors you are using including your base color paint thin/thick stripes (depending on how many colors you're using and how far you want the gradient to go) on your sponge
3. Dab it on a piece of paper 1-3 times depending on how much polish you applied to the sponge, ex. if you put a huge glob on, pat it on the paper about 3 times, if you put a thinner coat of just dab it once gently or not at all
4. Line the stripes on the sponge up with where you want it on your nail
5. Bounce it on your nail in the same general spot about 4 times. I like to reapply polish to the sponge and do this 1-2 more times for each nail depending on the color intensity I want
6. Here is a picture of the results. I sponged this on about three times because my blue I used was pretty sheer
7. (Results shown in first picture at top of post) Apply a topcoat to get rid of the bumpy texture, create a glossy finish, and give your nails and even more blended look!

Tips/Reasons -
Basically the reason why you are painting your base color on the sponge too is so that the colors will blend together in the middle when you are patting them on your nail. If you were to only put the top color it would create a nice gradient, just a blue stripe.

Like I said, applying a topcoat will give you many benefits! Especially since your nails will have a slightly bumpy texture from the sponge.

Practice makes perfect! If you have any question of course, don't hesitate to contact me or comment below. Nothing ever turns out perfect every time! Actually, nothings ever perfect... ;)

Pick as many colors as you want for your gradient just make sure they all fit on your nail! Make sure you have at least the base color and one other color.

With this gradient technique, you can apply a fast dry topcoat after you apply your base color because you're going to be blending the base color with your other color/s on the sponge.

Have fun with it!

Colors Used: Essie - All in one basecoat, Sinful Colors - Olympia 2 coats, Sinful Colors - Mint Apple for top gradient, NYC - In a New York Minute topcoat 2 coats.

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

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