Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Memes Explain My Current Relationship With Food

Guys, this is how I feel right now...

And also, please tell me you know what memes are. If not, look it up on Google.

 I had to make a meme to describe my relationship with food at the moment and I think this face along with my words pretty much sums it up. I would watermark this but I'm too lazy and also the software isn't on the computer I'm using so I won't. Oh, food. I feel like we have a love hate relationship that sprouted up not too long ago. Ever sine I saw what cookies did to my tush I've kind of been upset with food. Yes, moderation, exercise blah blah but before I was not determined enough to workout or watch what I ate. I mean hello, if I'm gonna eat cake...

Yes, that was my meme motto. However that has recently changed. For a few days I've been exercising and eating pretty good and of course eating in moderation. Like I said it's only been a few days but that's better than nothing! I'm sore! And I want cake. But, as soon as I'm fit and awesome then I can eat a little more of what I want, in moderation, than I can now. And to end things, my favorite meme of all. That face, I can't even tell you...

This last one isn't actually mine but I agree just as equally. YAY MEMES!

- xoxo Alexis Leigh