Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lilac Glitter Franken

Hello everyone! Today I want to share with you guys a franken I made a while ago. I've made quite a few frankens, It's just something I really like doing. Sometimes I'll see a color someone is wearing and realize I don't have so, if possible I just make it! That wasn't the case with this polish but I still did reallly like it. As you may recall, I am quite horrible at distinguishing finishes so I'll do my best to describe this one. I would say it's a jelly or a cross between a jelly and a creme because it isn't super glossy or squishy looking. I put so many different types of glitter in here and even a few flakies which I kind of regret because they don't really go with the polish. Application was okay, it did drag a bit if I didn't wait between coats but overall if was okay. I used three coats for the pictures. I used flash so the vnl in the pictures was extremely high but in person it wasn't as sheer looking.

I can't think of a name so if you want to help me out you can totally do that! It did remind of me like a berry parfait though.

Sidenote- This is my 80th post! I can't believe I only have 20 more posts until 100! Is sidenot one word or two? *EDIT - I unknowingly lied. This is actually my 74th (I think) post the other were just drafts! Oh, well. Close enough!*

- xoxo Alexis Leigh