Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nude Clouds

Such a strange post title, right? How's that for a strange mental picture, guys? I feel like I should ask one more question. Do you want to see the nails or just read my unnecessary ramblings? Yeah, let's get to the nails. Today I have a totally inspired look. Some may say a little too inspired which is why I want to make it clear that this was not my design, not my idea, but was done by me on my nails. NOT MY DESIGN PEOPLE. Don't judge me, I liked nailside's design sooooo much I had to attempt a replication! Of course, I do have to admit design does look better what with her gorgeous nails. I always wished I had long nail beds like hers. Anyhow, if you want to know how to do this visit her blog here, it's awesome anyway. Also thanks to her, I'm so irrevocably, incredibly fond of nails designs that mostly or half show the naked nail. There's just something about it. Showing the actual nail line is a different story. That, I don't like; it would have to be executed in a very tasteful way. I have yet to see that way, sorry. On with it then!

The first time I did these the top coat got on my cuticles and formed a little bridge of sorts from the skin around my cuticles to my nails so if I tried to take off the clear polish on my skin it chipped some of the topcoat on my nail. Not sure if that makes sense but I hate it when that happens. That's why this technique is so great. I took off the top coat with a q-tip just around my cuticles and reapplied and as you can see it still happened on the middle finger. Oh, well. I really do love this blend of nude nails and polished nails, whoever said you can't have both needs to check this out!

Side Note: What do you guys think of the huge photos? I happen to be quite fond of them but I'd love to hear your take. Also, should I list the colors used like this for each nail post? I'd imagine it'd be much easier to find the colors used.

Colors Used: (in order of bascoat to topcoat) Nicole by OPI - Basecoat Plus, Wet n' Wild - the name is totally escaping me right now, sorry! I'll edit it in later ;), Nicole by OPI - Follow me on Glitter, Seche Vite, ALL ONE COATERS FOR THIS MANI

- xoxo Alexis Leigh

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