Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hair Bow Tutorial

Hi! The other day I was thinking of things to post and I remembered this tutorial. It's pretty easy and would work best on shorter or medium length hair. I'm sure it could work on long hair though so if you like this style play around with it and you'll probably be able to make it work. Here we go...
All you need is a hair tie (I used a small rubber band since
my little sister's hair is too thin and fine to use a regular
hair tie), bobby pins, teasing brush/comb, and (optional)
a hair accessory.
 Start with smooth combed-through hair.
 Gather hair into ponytail (as high or low as desired).
 Pull hair tie around hair until tight.
The last time you pull it through,
pull the hair through under so that the "tail"
is on top of the head not under the bun.
 It should look like this.
Pull the bun a bit so it's bigger but make sure you
still have a tail about 3 inches long give or take a little.
  Tease the tail end slightly so that the bobby
pins have something to grip to.
 Split the bun in half evenly (keep your fingers 
there to keep it apart).
  Pull the tail in between the bun (I don't know
any other way to say it lol) and secure with
bobby pin (or two if needed).
 Your bow should look somewhat like this, it may
be neater or messier but hopefully it still
resembles a bow :)
To make it fancier or just to add something more
place a hair accessory somewhere around the bow.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Send me pictures of your hair bows, I'd love to see them!

- xoxo Alexis

Nicole by OPI: Follow Me On Glitter

Here is the color I was talking about in my beauty review. It is part of the Kardashian's new collection for Nicole by OPI. It has a charcoal base with silver glitter throughout and bigger glitter chunks of blue, orange, yellow, fuchsia, and silver too. It's kind of like your wearing a New Years Eve party on your nails! I think this is one of my favorite glitters, it applied really nicely in two coats and wasn't absolutely horrible to take off. The bad thing about this polish though is, it started chipping after only a couple of hours! And, I used Seche Vite topcoat. I really love this color, but I probably wouldn't buy it again unless I found a basecoat that made this polish adhere longer. Overall, it's a really good purchase except for the kind of important defect, it chips very quickly.

-xoxo Alexis

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

First Beauty Review!

Yay, my first official post! I'm always browsing websitesand blogs and I love when they do beauty reviews. I get to see if the productis worth it without even trying it out! So, I thought a great way to start offmy blog was to do a beauty review of my own. The other day I went to Ulta andbought some things I've been lusting after, overall I thought I bought somepretty good items. The picture quality is bad but hopefully you get the idea.Here we go!

The first thing in the picture (I'm going left to right) isa topcoat by Essie called "matte about you". It's amazing. All you dois put it over whatever color nail polish you want and it mattifies it! I usedit the other day and I can honestly say it works and I would definitelyrecommend it. It looks like you're wearing velvet nail polish.

The next thing is a nail polish by Nicole by OPI called"Follow me on Glitter". It's a part of the new Kardashian collectionthat just recently came out. I'll takes pictures of it on my nails and post itlater on. This is a charcoal shade with smaller pieces of silver glitterthroughout and sparse rainbow shades of glitter throughout. It was thick buteasy to work with and opaque in two shades. The con, it started chipping off inchunks after two days! I didn't use a topcoat and I did the dishes so thatmight have something to do with it, but I reapplied and used a topcoat and itstill started chipping! I'm going to buy an Orly basecoat bonder and tell youhow it works out!

Next is Seche Vite, nail polish lovers you should know whatthis is. I've read in many places that it is the best nail polish topcoat andthere is nothing that compares so I decided to buy one of my own. Well I usedit over "Follow me on Glitter" and *tear* it chipped the next day.I'm going to be optimistic and say it was because I didn't use a basecoat butI'm not sure. I'll get back to you on this one.

You probably can't tell what those two skinny things arebecause the date is in front of them (what the heck? That's not the date lol)and they're small. The skinny pencil on the left is a sparkly jade eyeliner byRimmel London called "500 Peridot". I'll be honest it's not superfabulous. It’s blacker than jade which kind of bummed me out, but it does go onreally well. Would I recommend it? Probably yes, it goes on really well and itstill has some green to it so it's a nice color, just more subtle than I hadhoped.

The last item I bought was an eyebrow pencil by Maybellinein dark brown. It's one of my favorite eyebrow pencils although I haven't triedmany. I would definitely recommend this. It goes on well and blends in wellwith my eyebrows easily.
I hope this helped you at least a little bit!
-xoxo Alexis

New in town

Hi blog lovers! As you can probably tell by the title, I'm new to blogger. I basically created this blog to share part of myself with whoever is willing to read it. "Once Upon a Rainy Day" was a perfect fit for my blog name because well, it just sounds cute, and the stuff I'll be posting about sort of classifies as rainy day activities. Wondering what that stuff is? Well, I love baking, makeup, hair, nail polish (I'm sort of obsessed with buying nail polish and doing my nails), and diy crafts so most of those things will be on here. I'm always open to suggestions so if you want to see a certain craft or hairstyle or whatever just email me at ouarainyday(at)gmail(dot)com!

-xoxo Alexis